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Ordering, Building, and Operating the DIYnamics Table

Building and experimenting with your own DIYnamics rotating table is fun and easy!

Already have your table assembled and have it working? Head over to the teaching page to learn how to incorporate it into the classroom. Otherwise, this page provides everything you need to know to buy, build, and use one yourself.

Ordering the parts

All of the parts needed are available for purchase online, mostly from Amazon and the LEGO website. Full ordering instructions are available as a PDF:

Parts list, PDF version

Assembling the device

Download the PDF below for an illustrated, step-by-step guide on how the DIYnamics Rotating Tank can be assembled.

Complete assembly guide PDF

Assembly instructions video

You can also follow along with the assembly instructional video below, or view it on our YouTube channel.

Operating the device

The assembly guide above also provides instructions on how to operate the device. We also provide web-based versions of the sections on setting up the table and on how to use the LEGO Power Functions components:

Guide to setting up the DIYnamics table

Guide to operating LEGO Power Functions

Learning and teaching with the DIYnamics rotating table

Once you have your table assembled and operating, check out the video below for ideas for some basic demonstrations, and then head over to our teaching page to learn how to use the table to perform some demonstrations and to incorporate them into an effective teaching module.