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DIYnamics featured on UCLA Physical Sciences website


Snippet from the UCLA Physical Sciences website with the link to the story they commissioned about DIYnamics. How cool is that?!

(This isn’t exactly an event, but it’s exciting enough that we felt it deserved a post anyways!)

As of March 2018, the DIYnamics project is now featured in multiple places on the official website of the UCLA Physical Sciences Division (link to main site here; permalink to the DIYnamics story here). Not only that, they have also listed us as one of the “Year-Round Programs” available for community and K-12 outreach on their outreach page.

The Physical Sciences Division, one of five divisions of the UCLA College of Letters and Sciences, oversees the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Chemistry & Biochemistry, Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences, Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, and Statistics Departments, collectively home to thousands of students and hundreds of faculty and staff. With all of the amazing research and outreach acivities that goes on across the division, it’s a real honor for us to be featured on their page so prominently.

Big thanks to Lisa Garibay of the UCLA Physical Sciences Divison for initially taking an interest in us, writing the article, and getting us featured on both pages. They say any publicity is good publicity, in which case this is absolutely fantastic publicity! We’re looking forward to getting our materials into the hands of even more educators thanks to these links.