Affordable materials for geoscience teaching demonstrations

Teaching with the DIYnamics Kits

Teaching basics of rotating fluid at a middle school

Here we provide materials for teachers that enable them to use the DIYnamics Kits to teach effectively.

This assumes that you’ve already assembled your table and are familiar with its basic operation. If not, check out this page for ordering, assembling, and operating instructions.

Check out our Middle School Teaching Guide PDF

Our guide to teaching with the DIYnamics Kits at the middle school level provides an overview of several experiments than can be performed using the tables, the physical concepts that each one is meant to demonstrate, images and links to videos showing their real-world analogs, and questions for the students to keep them thinking critically throughout. No prior knowledge of fluid dynamics, etc. by the instructor or students is required.

Check out our YouTube channel!

Our YouTube channel features instructional videos on getting started with the DIYnamics Kits and performing a host of experiments.

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