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Wed 21 September 2022
Field Report: DIYnamics Down Under!
Mon 29 August 2022
DIYnamics Lego Tables at New Jersey Ocean Fun Days
Thu 19 May 2022
Field Report: DIYnamics in the New York City Scientist-in-Residence Program
Thu 31 March 2022
We’re back! First public Show and Tell and other exciting stuff coming up
Mon 12 April 2021
Field Report: Teaching with DIYnamics at the Colegio La Esperanza, Tijuana, Mexico
Tue 22 December 2020
Portable Platforms - The DJ Table and the HT3
Mon 21 December 2020
DIYnamics at Exploring Your Universe 2020
Thu 19 November 2020
The Technics Table - A Robust and Consistent $80 DIY Rotating Tank Platform
Wed 28 October 2020
Exciting new chapter for DIYnamics with three new Kits and new guides
Mon 25 May 2020
Field Report: A high schooler teaching fluid dynamics to middle schoolers using DIYnamics
Tue 21 April 2020
New DIYnamics core team members
Wed 04 March 2020
Field Report: DIYnamics tables in undergraduate teaching at Kiel University in Germany
Tue 18 February 2020
DIYnamics and Weather in a Tank at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Open House
Fri 07 February 2020
Society of Women Geoscientists and Project Scientist teach K-12 girls planetary fluid dynamics with a record player
Fri 31 January 2020
DIYnamics at UCLA Exploring Your Universe 2019
Thu 31 October 2019
Field Report: A lab planet at The Royal Observatory of Belgium
Fri 18 October 2019
Four new DIYnamics videos in partnership with UCLA Center for the Advancement of Teaching
Mon 16 September 2019
Vortices on our LEGO table and “The Whale2” table at Roscomare Elementary and David Geffen Academy
Tue 27 August 2019
Field Report: Teaching with DIYnamics at Iowa State University
Mon 05 August 2019
Field Report: Saturdays at Seaport Museum’s “Fisharium” in Philadelphia, PA
Mon 20 May 2019
Field Report: DIYnamics at the Children’s Water Festival at UC Irvine
Sat 20 April 2019
DIYnamics at SoCal Fluids 2019
Tue 12 March 2019
BAM(S)! New peer-reviewed paper on DIYnamics
Thu 13 December 2018
DIYnamics at the AGU Fall 2018 meeting
Sun 04 November 2018
DIYnamics at UCLA Exploring Your Universe 2018
Thu 24 May 2018
New instructional videos with rotating frame footage
Fri 27 April 2018
El Marino Language School Science Fair
Thu 26 April 2018
DIYnamics tables used in an undergraduate+graduate level course
Sun 25 March 2018
DIYnamics featured on UCLA Physical Sciences website
Sun 05 November 2017
UCLA Exploring Your Universe (EYU) 2017
Tue 13 June 2017
DIYnamics + a record player at the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory
Mon 22 May 2017
Ralph Bunche Middle School Event
Fri 19 May 2017
La Tijera K-8 School Event